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Biodegradable Plates

Wholesale Food Microwavable and Freezer-in Plates
Shenling is the biggest biodegradable tableware manufacturer in China. With cutting-edge production technology, our biodegradable paper plates have the following characteristics.

1. Natural, without pollution - Shenling disposable food plates are made from 100% sugarcane bagasse fiber. The sugarcane fiber is extracted from the sugarcane and is free from pollution caused by normal burning of sugarcane pulp after juice extraction. These products are with no plastic, wax or other petroleum materials.

2. Wide application – Shenling paper plates are perfect for food package and service like outdoor BBQ, picnic, birthday party, wedding, office meeting or other special events. There heat & hot oil resistant plates are ideal for different kinds of food no matter hot or cold.

3. Microwavable, can be put in freezer - Shenling paper tableware can withstand 190 Fahrenheit and can be put into freezer, which are convenient both for commercial and home usage.

4. Customized Plates Available – Shenling has advanced equipment to produce all shapes of plates according to customers’ designs. Logos can also be printed on the plates.

Looking for biodegradable disposable paper plates wholesale? Welcome to leave message online to us. We will reply to you within 24 hours. Shenling paper pulp tableware quality will never let you down.
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