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As one of the biggest biodegradable tableware manufacturer in China, Shenling Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials Co.,Ltd. is speclialized in production of eco-friendly paper tableware.
It is the entire capital holding company of GuangDong ShenLing Group, located in Shunde, the central district of GuangDong Province which is near by Guangzhou.
Our main biodegradable products include disposable trays, plates, cups,clamshell boxes, bowls and so on. All the bagasse products have obtained standard of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System (HACCP, GMP included), and we also passed factory audit by Silliker with excellent audit rating.


Products Information

Shenling eco-friendly biodegradable tableware is 100% tree free. Both bleached and unbleached fiber are available. Made from tasteless and health conscious natural fiber, our products have the following characteristics --
1. Nontoxc, harmless, healthy, and sanitary
2. Compostable, biodegradable and eco-friendly
3. Can withstand 100℃ water and 120℃ oil
4. Can be put into microwave oven and freezer
5. No leakage within two hours
6. Variety of sizes and shape available.

Why Sugar Cane?

1. Compared to other crops, sugarcane expose lower risk, because sugarcane has fewer diseases and is drought-enduring. So sugar cane is a great material for biodegradable disposable tableware.
2. Sugarcane fiber regenerate fast and is abundant in nature and yet renewable. Thus using sugarcane pulp instead of wood-pulp can reduce the burden of the earth. 
3. The end products of biodegradation are carbon dioxide, water and biomass, they do not do harm to the environment.
why use sugar cane for producing disposable tableware?

Quality Control

  • quality control of biodegradable tableware
  • quality test in oven of Shenling biodegradable tableware
  • quality test of disposable tableware 
As one of the most normative green biodegradable tableware enterprise, Shenling has advanced hygiene and product performance testing center to check content of mildew, coil group and common pathogenic bacteria as well as resistance to hot liquid and cooking oil, etc. And we also conduct simulate condition. These enable our biodegradable tableware to be popular among environmental protectors.

Safety For Food

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